Why do you think your approach is different or better than others who do what you do?

Here are summaries of the positions we take:

1. We do not claim to know everything or have all the resources that are out in the marketplace. We do extensive research and implement what is working and leave out what is not. Take, for example, the concept of “buy low, sell high.” Can anyone have a patent on this universal business concept? If a strategy works, then we use it, and everything else is just a matter of efficiency. Thus, we are constantly adding, subtracting and adjusting the offerings of our Freedom Membership and Professional Services.

2. Differences in approaches between others and ours may be similar or entirely different. We recommend that people have multiple resources and service providers. You can join Freedom Membership and our Professional Services as well as other programs in the marketplace. Do anything and everything that is in your best interest, whether it’s using Freedom Membership or 10 other service providers like ours to achieve your objective.

3. You can read our resources to determine for yourself why our position is the only one consistent with prevailing law and judicial precedent. Remember, we are not responsible for your actions or any liabilities that may come about using Freedom Membership or our Professional Services. This is spelled out in detail and is agreed upon by you in our “Terms and Conditions” under the Services section of our website. It’s up to you to make it work. Only you can be responsible for your life.

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