This administrative remedy procedure will bring to light bank fraud and non-responses from the bank. If they don't answer (which they won't), then they are in agreement with all claims of fraud. This can be presented as evidence in your case. The administrative process defeats the bank before or during a collection action.

What Debt Collectors CANNOT do (Federal 15 USC 1692 FDCPA violations) are listed in the following:

- Ask you to pay more than you owe. The collector cannot misrepresent the amount you owe. [15 USC 1692e] §

- Ask you to pay interest, fees, or expenses that are not allowed by law 807(2)(a).

- The collector can’t add on any extra fees that your original credit or loan agreement doesn’t allow. [15 USC 1692f] § 808(1).

- Call repeatedly or continuously. The FDCPA considers repeat calls to be harassment. [15 USC 1692d] § 806(5).

- Use obscene, profane, or abusive language. Using this kind of language is considered harassment. [15 USC 1692d] § 806(2).

- Call before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm. Calls during these times are considered harassment. [15 USC 1692c] § 805(a)(1).

- Call at times the collector knew or should know are inconvenient. Calls at these times are considered harassment. [15 USC 1692c] § 805(a)(1).

- Use or threaten to use violence if you don’t pay the debt. Collectors can’t threaten violence against you. [15 USC 1692d] § 806(1).

Threaten action they cannot or will not take. Collectors can’t threaten to sue or file charges against you, garnish wages, take property, cause job loss, or ruin your credit when the collector cannot or does not intend to take the action. [15 USC 1692e] § 807(5).

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