Why do most Debt Relief programs fail?

Debt relief programs in the USA of almost all varieties suffer from two fatal flaws…

When you enter a debt relief program, you do it for the best of reasons – because you want to make an honest effort to settle your debts for good!

But what if…

  • You’re a salesperson who didn’t meet their projected commissions for the month and now you’re short on cash…
  • You’re a retail worker who has had their hours cut because the season isn’t as busy as expected
  • You’re a seasonal worker whose industry didn’t “boom” quite as much as you’d hoped this year…

All of these people have variable incomes, and all of them are acutely susceptible to changes in the economic landscape. We know it can be hard to plan around this, especially when you’re really counting on a good week/month/year.

Of course, there’s the other side of the coin too…

Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a steady and reliable income, but do your expenses remain consistent too? Probably not.

You’re likely very familiar with these fluctuating bills…

- Medical
- Dental
- Car Repairs
- Phone Bill
- Utility Bill
- Etc…

Surprise expenses can leave your monthly budget devastated and cause you to miss those extremely important debt relief payments.

You want to pay off debt fast but when surprise expenses get in the way it can become significantly more difficult.
Take credit counseling, for example.

You enter a program to get some help in bringing your credit card debts under control. The monthly payment of $500 sounds good. You are humming along just fine for a few months then…


The water heater blows up. It’s time to shell out $800 for a new one.

Unless you like cold showers, you will need to skip the $500 payment to the agency this month, and part of next months payment as well. Where does that leave you with the credit counseling program?

Back on the street, that is where. You simply CANNOT miss payments into that type of plan and expect anything but failure.

You cannot call your loan officer, the credit counseling agency, or the court trustee and say…

”Hey, my kid broke his leg and I had to pay the hospital $500 to cover my insurance deductible, so I will need to skip my debt payment this month.”

…If you could, then these plans might have a chance of working. But such inflexible programs simply do not reflect the unpredictable nature of the average household budget.

That’s where debt elimination comes in.

While debt elimination is not a magic bullet, it comes pretty close. It can turn a really tough situation into something you can manage and keep it there… especially when real life comes knocking on your door.

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