I have a lien levy judgment, and I do not believe it was done legally, or I’d like to challenge this. How can I do so?

Remember if you have no valid lien you cannot have a valid/lawful levy. Thus, understand 5 facts when it comes to a lien/levy/judgment:

1. The lien instrument must evidently/patently/obviously be a LIEN preferably by being formally and clearly titled LIEN, CLAIM OF LIEN, DECLARATION OF LIEN, or AFFIDAVIT OF OBLIGATION and MANDATORY by its exhaustive commercial content (full disclosure) as follows in (2), (3), and (4).

2. The lien must contain an Affidavit containing a plain statement of fact disclosing how the obligation of the lien was created, established, or arose.

3. The lien must contain a ledger or bookkeeping statement connecting purchases, services rendered, and/or injuries sustained with a claim of obligation such that each purchase, service and/or injury is presented in a one-to-one correspondence with its partial claim or obligation. The partial obligations are then totaled to obtain the total obligation. This is called a True Bill in Commerce or an Itemized Statement.

4. The Lien must contain a statement, either specific or general, of the property being seized from the Lien Debtor to satisfy, or to guarantee satisfaction of, the obligation of the Lien.

5. The Lien (Affidavit of Obligation) mandates the necessity of the hand signed and notarized signature of the Affiant attesting to the validity of the Affidavit as being “true”, “correct” and “certain” and the signature also affixes the responsibi1ity for the truthfulness, accuracy and certainty of the claim on the doorstep of the Affiant.

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